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Hosted by Suzanne Blake Gerety, Studio Owner, Multi-Business Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of

The quickest route to success isn’t traveled alone. Suzanne brings you a panel of eight TEN experts who reveal proven techniques and strategies to YOU! Our panelists know the dance industry, and have years of experience to share. They are excited to give you immediately helpful information for you to keep your passion for dance alive as you grow your business.

BUT WHY FREE?? I'm so glad you asked!! Because starting a dance studio is tough work and growing it and making it successful is even more difficult. And we want to see you succeed! We've been invited to MEGA-EVENTS like this before... but they've been cost-prohibitive to many of us.

Our THEME is bridging the Gap between Technique and Technology – so we’re leading the way in utilizing the BENEFITS of what a virtual event can accomplish. With a down economy, now is the BEST time to invest in YOU.

This is information from experts you can use immediately to grow your dance studio. Each session is recorded and will be available to listen to for 24-36 hours after the call. Are you ready to get started?

This event begins April 22nd, 2009 and you will receive the link via email to listen as each call is ready. A new call will be ready approximately every 3-4 days during the month.

Here is the lineup of presenters for our Dance Studio Owner
Master Class Online

Nichelle Strzepek

Nichelle's Dance Advantage Blog is leading the way in giving students, teachers, and parents an edge in dance education on the Internet today.  She has taught and performed professionally for over ten years and has danced nearly all of her life.  If you want to find out how to stay on the leading edge of technology for your students, plus learn how to take your studio to new heights with a blog, this session is for you!

TOPIC: How Blogs Have The Potential To Boost Your Dance Studio Business



Kelly Wanlass

Kelly is an expert on how to get publicity for your dance studio or dance related product and service. Kelly has placed stories in national publications such as Movmnt Magazine, Dancer Magazine, Dance Spirit and Dance Magazine.  Her clients include Jo & Jax, a New York City-based dance and clothing wear line for women "on the move," started by two sisters and former Rockettes, Joey Dowling and Jacki Ford.  If you to find out how to get the word out about your studio, no matter how big or how small, and bring in a steady stream of new students, this is a must not miss session.

TOPIC: The Local Paper Isn't What It Used To Be: How To Get Publicity For Your Dance Studio In Our Fast Paced Digital World



Mark Mahoney

Mark is the Co-Founder of JackRabbitClass, a web-based class management and accounts receivables software that is quickly becoming the 'must have' tool for dance studio owners to operate their studios more effiiciently and effectively in today's busy world.  If you've ever asked yourself how you could streamline your website, tuition billing, and registration in one place - Mark explains exactly why studio owners love the TIME they save and can focus on what they LOVE - dance.

TOPIC: Going Digital Is What They Want: How To Transition A Paper Based Registration and Billing Systems At Your Dance Studio Online And Easily And Efficiently



Annie McQuitty

Annie is the Director and Founder of DANCE EXCELLENCE a global event that aims to inspire dancers and teachers to fulfill their artistic dreams and desires through education and performance. Annie has been honored to receive over 10,000 dancers from 18 countries on 4 continents including: Australia, Belgium, Canada, Cyprus, England, Germany, Gibraltar, Ireland, Japan, Mallorca, Northern Ireland, Philippines, Portugal, Russia, Scotland, Singapore, Switzerland, and the United States of America during her annual by invitation only event.  If you’ve set a goal to be a studio of excellence that takes pride in representing your state and nation at a global dance event this is a must attend call!

TOPIC: On Being Excellent: How Dance Studio Owners Are Transforming The Global Conversation of Dance 



Terrence "Taps" Bennett

Terrence is known as one of the most exciting tap dancers of this generation.  He offers innovative online tap dance lessons and tap dance music recommendations. "Taps" is the owner and creator of "The Tap Dance Blog", the #1 online resource for tap dancers, which he updates every week with tap dance news, resources, and advice.  If you’re looking for ways to keep up to date on the latest in online choreography resources this is a must attend call!

TOPIC: Google Can Give You What You Want: How To Search, Sort, And Find Exactly What You Want When It Comes To Dance Classes And Choreography Online



Adam Parsons

Adam is one of the Founders of, The ultimate network featuring online dance classes.  Adam is a teacher and choreographer and is also the Artistic Director for the Commonality Dance Company (C. DANCE Co.)  Dance Plug is a consortium of professionals bringing together some of the biggest names in the dance world to create a groundbreaking new concept.  If you’ve been looking for a way to stay connected to the dance world in one of the hottest trends – social networking and dance all in one place – this call is for you.

TOPIC: Are You Plugged In? How Dance Studio Owners Can Maximize The Internet Revolution 



Brian Huyser

Brian is the founder of Main Street Sites, a website hosting and online registration service built specifically for dance studios and similar businesses.  Brian and the team at Main Street Sites are passionate about delivering and supporting a powerful, user-friendly service which enables dance studio owners with little or no technical experience to successfully take their businesses online.   If you’d like to learn how to grow your business with a website that works for you, don’t miss this session.

TOPIC: How To Save Time And Grow Your Business Simply And Affordably With A Website That Works For You


Katie Gruver

Katie is the Community Manager at - an online marketplace that connect learners with passionate local instructors (like you!). TeachStreet offers instructors, schools and studio owners a full customizable web page where they can list classes and events, get reviewed by students, talk to other teachers and people who love to learn, and, most importantly, find new students to grow your business. TeachStreet also offers great business development tools designed just for teachers and instructors. Posters and fliers are the way of the past. Find out how an online community like TeachStreet can help you build your business.

TOPIC: "Technology for Teachers": Top 5 Things You Can Do On TeachStreet To Find New Students And Improve Your Online Presence



Jill Tirone

Jill is the founder of VAMatrix, a virtual assistance company providing marketing and administrative support to dance and fitness studios. Jill provides assistance with marketing, graphic design, and administrative tasks so studio owners can devote more time to their students. As a dance teacher, Jill knows what it takes to schedule classes, run rehearsals, and direct shows. She also knows how hard it is to juggle all the details during those times. Her artistic and administrative background gives her the ability to provide smart solutions, fast turn-around, and superior customer service. If you’d like to add more time to your day so you can spend more time with your students, don’t miss this session.

TOPIC: Virtual Assistance for Dance & Fitness! How Dance Studio Owners Can Maximize Their Time By Outsourcing Administrative & Marketing Tasks.


Kathy Blake

Kathy Blake is widely respected for her extensive life-long training in classical ballet, tap, modern, jazz as well as ballroom dancing in which she competed in both International and American Styles. She is nationally known for her "Let's Learn How to Dance" instructional DVD series and has taught and performed extensively in her career.  Kathy has grown artistically and personally through the many challenges of the dance business and is at the helm of her nationally recognized studio. No matter how experienced you may be you will make mistakes. You can learn how to not take things personally and grow your business.  Find out the secrets to success when it comes to turning any mistake into a growth opportunity.

TOPIC: How To Turn Any Mistake Into A Growth Opportunity And Keep Your Passion For Dance Alive As You Grow Your Business


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